changed my mind

hey, im back from my week long vacation on a paddlewheel boat up the columbia river*.  ive changed my doll preferences.
heres the one i want:

ummmm.... name: Miyami Aotsuchi
age: ???
race: vampire
personality: fun loving, clueless, multiple X3
likes: me, cosplay, anime, art, food, j-rock, visual kei, rain, candy X3
dislikes: vampire-hunting jerks, preps, chores, UR FACE!!!! X3
hes gonna probably have different hair when i get him
yeah........ hee hee
oh my god, i just realized i ended all 3 bio lines with 'X3' completely by accident
* it was full of old people

im back! and i like DOLLS

hey folks, sorry i havent posted in a couple millenia, and i wont be surprised if nobody responds to this at all, but here goes

so i ve been interested in bjds (ball jointed dolls)  for a while (like years), but just started really getitng into them, and i just bearly got up enough courange to start saving, and i should have enough money by march of next year. TT^TT
anyway, this is the one i want--> he is a "SA (slack afternoon: pertaining to the half-closed eyes) 'hound" from the doll company, Shedoll

if i get him, his face wont be painted, and he wont have that wig or outfit, though.

ps: i got a new mp3 player, and it has a green skin, with a green strap, and green gummi earphones.... so yeah, its green

hi everybody!!

im just waitong for my udon to cool off... i watched part of a dubed naruto episode with kankurou in it, his voice is pretty cool! i went to neni's birthday party yesterday!
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hi everybody. im f***ing pissed off!! today is my birthday, and i got this great manga drawing software from tokyopop, and i was finally going to be able to colour my art, and then we found out that the stuff they had sold us was for MACS ONLY!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!DX
so i am REALLY PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! i was finally going to be able to colour my art, but NOOOO!! fukin macs.
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cool shit

hello, everyone, i havent posted anything in a while, so here goes. *entry*
great shit that has happened in the last few weeks:
i went to anime la 3 and cosplayed !! woot!! stuff i bought:
  ichimaru plushie XD
  bleach volume 16 (only $6!!)
  naruto forehead protector (sand)
  ichimaru keychain (for backpack)
pretty sweet, huh??
i also:
  cosplayed as gin, but my hair was craptastic DX *see below
  got a keychain of kira (from bleach, not deathnote)
  saw L tapdance with a cane (holarious)
i glomped:
  Gin (other cosplayer)
  Kira (bleach)
  entire Akatsuki

new phrases:
  cholesterol... OMG!!
if you would like to hear how any of these got started, feel free to ask

i had cocoa puffs and in pepsi for breakfast on the last day of the con. (i think it started at loscon. actually a very good combination, believe it or not.)

*guess what!! im getting an ichimaru wig!! my hair wont be craptastic! *happy* my costume will be complete XD

this week was finals week, so we got off at 12:00 tues- fri
i went home every day and watched anime from about 1 to about 7 XD
i hope i did all right
today, at the end of my geography final, my friend and i watched part of the naruto movie on her ipod video

i am currently watching:
  azumanga daioh

so... umm, yeah here it is *entry*

whew! thats random!!

time for random pics!!

its a radio toaster.... $20... you save 46%

 i was mucking around with paint.... sasuke... i didnt color the hair
death by sandal to the head... bleach reference

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hi, everybody, sorry i havent posted in a while, here gfoes
yesterday i got on the wrong bus, it took me past a freeway on-ramp, and thats when i realized it was going the wrong way lol.  So i got off and walked about 3/4 of amile, back to Flower st., and had to pay for bus fare again. The crazy thing is that i knew exactly where i was the whole time...
i was fiddling around with paint last night, and did some stuff for my deviantart
im listening to hyori, by yusa koji (voice actor for ichimaru) on my mp3 player (old schoolXD) man, hes a good singer!! <3